Hey, let's talk

Listen, I know it's hard to find the right therapist. You have to get along, find a time to meet that works for your life, and figure out the fee. Those can be tough things to talk about, but I'm happy to talk through them with you to make sure you feel good about your decision. You deserve the best care and I'll help you get that.


One of the most exciting developments in therapy in the past few years is telehealth. It means that you, a busy, hard-working person with a life that does not revolve around making appointments can still get the quality services you deserve on your schedule. I've got years of experience with telehealth and it works. Plain and simple. Assuming we get along well, you'll feel better, have stronger relationships, do better at work, and continue becoming the person you want to become.

In-person cousneling

Counseling is a special kind of conversation. It's a space where you feel safe feeling scared, or angry, or judged, or even happy. In-person therapy gives you the chance to look someone in the eye and say what's true for you. You'll find it's a unique experience and we'll figure out how your life can become just as powerful.

Next Steps...

Send me an email or give me a call. Let's make sure we are a good fit before we jump in to therapy. If we don't quite connect, that's okay, I'll guide you to the next step.