In-person Therapy

What is in-person therapy?

In-person therapy is just what it sounds like - therapy that takes place in person. Although my focus is telehealth, I still meet with clients in-person when it's possible. This is how therapy has been done since it started, and it is still effective. It may not, however, be preferable if it causes too much stress for a person to make it in the the office for a session. There are any number of reasons why it would be too stressful to come in to the office, including commute times or strained schedules.

In-person therapy offers a few benefits that telehealth cannot offer - one benefit is that the therapy office will be set up for therapy, so it will be calm and welcoming; and a second benefit is the emotional energy that is a part of all face to face conversations. It's a little easier to hide emotion over telehealth, so in-person therapy will feel a bit more emotionally raw.