How can David help?

Individual therapy

Therapy should be a safe place. One of our goals is to co-create that sense of safety. Then we have a conversation where you learn to get in touch with your experience.

Couples Therapy

A relationship with a partner can be one of the richest experiences in life. Sometimes we get in the way of that. Couples therapy works on communication and connection.

Family Therapy

Family is where the heart is. Sometimes family breaks our heart. Sometimes it makes us tear out our hair. Let's work on communication to bring heart back into it.

Performance coaching

All performance requires grit, determination, and mental clarity. As a former Division I athlete I understand how to sharpen the mental game to get the best results.


Interactive workshops are a great way to learn about wellness, improve communication, or foster a sense of cohesiveness among colleagues.

Private practice consultation

The success of your private practice depends on quality therapy and business savvy. I can help whether you want to consult on a case, build a website, or get organized.

Business Consultation

A small business is greater than the sum of its parts, and each part is an important piece of the system. Sometimes though, the pieces don't fit together so well. I can help identify workflow or communication issues that prevent optimum performance.

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