What is psychotherapy?

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a chance to have a conversation with a trained professional so you can get to know yourself better and live a healthier, more balanced, and value-driven life. Psychotherapy can help whether you want to be a better partner, stop a bad habit, start a good habit, pick up creative hobbies, sort out a tough decision, get over a breakup, deal with trauma, become a more efficient worker, or do just about anything different.

How is psychotherapy able to help with so much? Because no matter what you are trying to do differently, YOU are the one doing it. Psychotherapy is about you exploring how you do you. We talk about what you think about something, how you feel about it, what you would normally do about it, and what you would like to do about it. Then we really dig in and find out what it is like to be so honest with someone else. Once we feel and honor the stress of having a real conversation, we have real conversations so that you can become the person you want to be and how to continue to be that person in daily life.

I practice Gestalt Therapy

There are a lot of styles out there, and each has value. My preferred approach is Gestalt Therapy. This means we focus on what happens during the conversation. Your history and your wants, fears, goals, and so on matter insomuch as they create your experience in the here-and-now. It's all about respect and perspective.While I offer a service and I have extensive training in Gestalt Therapy,  in life we are equals.

The focus is contact - how do you relate to yourself and to others?

Through our conversation we will find out how your thoughts, emotions, and feelings affect your contact. We do this through honest discussion that honors whatever you think and feel in the moment. I want to hear what happens for you in the moment because that is you - that is how you experience yourself, me, and the world. Once we get in to contact with that, you will know, honor, and heal yourself.

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